Terms of Service

  1. You agree to follow the Community Guidelines, and act within the spirit behind them.
  2. You agree that Synchrocade may at our discretion terminate accounts or deny abilities to any account for any reason or no reason.
  3. You agree that a purchased and registered game grants the following for a single account and only while that account is in good standing:
    1. non expiring access to play the purchased game on our service.
    2. a 61 day period of subscription to other games on the service.
    3. No other rights are given or implied with the purchase or registration of a game.
  4. User accounts may not be transferred, sold, or assigned to a third party, and such actions may result in account termination.
  5. You agree to not hold Synchrocade or its third party business partners liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages caused by the Synchrocade product or service.
  6. You agree to not hold Synchrocade or its third party business partners liable for any damages caused by a third party.
  7. In cases where liability cannot be excluded, you agree that Synchrocade will not be held liable for more than was paid by you to Synchrocade for its services within the last year.
  8. The service is offered "as is" and "as available", without any representation or warranty.
    1. There are no guarantees of uptime.
    2. There is no guarantees that the service will be free of error.
    3. There is no guarantees the service and the data we hold will never be compromised, stolen, or leaked.
    4. There is no guarantees that the service will be made available forever, and we reserve the right to terminate the service at any time.
  9. You agree that you may not use our service if:
    1. You are between 13 and 18 and do not have parental permission.
    2. You are below the age of 13.
    3. You are a below the age of digital consent in your country.
  10. You agree that any cause of action arising out of or related to the Synchrocade service must be filed within one year after the cause of action arose, otherwise such action is permanently barred.
  11. You agree that the Terms of Service may be changed at any time, and your access to the service will only continue with your agreement to the changed terms. We will notify you of these changes through the client software.
  12. These Terms of Service will be governed by the laws and jurisdiction of Lancaster County, Nebraska.
  13. If any part of this agreement is deemed legally invalid or unenforceable as is written, you agree to have it interpreted as close to the intention as is legally possible.