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Synchrocade is an online multiplayer arcade featuring its own custom rollback netcode. Our goal is to build a strong community of players around an ever-growing library of online pvp games inspired by your favorite arcade games of the 80s. It is currently early in development, attempting to solidify the most important functionality and grow its library of games. Whether you love arcade games or are just looking for new ways to compete against your friends, we welcome you.

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The best way to get support is either Discord or to email at us support@synchrocade.com.

Our Latest Game

Takeover Incorporated

When you're someone who has everything, what more do you need? Why everything of course. Take on the role of an enterprising billionaire mogul. Compete with your peers to buy out the best and brightest companies in existence. Use your cunning to make the best deals. Work quickly to overtake the competition. Avoid those pesky regulators, as while you are above punishment, they can still prevent you from completing your deal.

Takeover Incorporated is a classic territory acquisition game featuring:
• Super fast addictive games.
• No buttons, only movement.
• 2-4 player support.
• Victory via score. Do you take risks for bonus points, or play it safe to avoid failed captures.
• Non player enemies that are perfectly predictable, and perfectly manipulable.