Privacy Policy

  1. Things Synchrocade will store:
    1. Your account related personal details, for example but not limited to:
      1. Your Username.
      2. Your email address.
      3. A salted hash of your password.
    2. Details related to the service collected from various interactions, for example but not limited to:
      1. Ip addresses.
      2. Chat logs.
      3. Logs of all rooms created.
      4. Your registered keys.
      5. Replay/input data of games.
      6. Runtime logs of program operation.
      7. Crash reports.
      8. Your user settings.
      9. Time stamps.
      10. Any communications between us and you.
      11. Data relating to cookies or tokens to store your session.
    3. What we will do with this information.
      1. We will never sell your data to any third parties.
      2. Third parties will have access to the data as is required to provide our service, for example but not limited to:
        1. Our infrastructure providers will have access to the data as it will reside on their hardware.
        2. Our email providers will have access to email communications, as they are facilitating them.
      3. We reserve the right to release information derived from the data in unidentifiable aggregate forms either privately to third parties or to the public, for example but not limited to:
        1. how many customers we have for one of our games.
        2. how many players we have at a given time.
        3. how many users we have from a country or region.
  2. Security
    1. We try to follow industry guidelines for security, especially around password security.
    2. No security is perfect, and we cannot make guarantees that your data will not be compromised.
    3. The best security is to not collect personal data when it isn't necessary.
      1. We cannot control that which is provided to us. We highly recommend not putting personal information in places like the chat.
      2. We also recommend using a password manager and a password specific to the site, as is good practice for every site, this dramatically reduces the cost of attacks to your data.
      3. We will not directly handle details like credit card data, and will rely on trusted third parties for transaction data.
  3. Privacy Policy Changes
    1. The Privacy Policy may be changed at any time, and your access to the service will only continue with your agreement to the changed terms. We will notify you of these changes through the client software.
  4. Account Termination
    1. At any time you may request account termination via email at
    2. A terminated account will have all personal data deleted and cannot be recovered.
    3. Any games registered to the account cannot be recovered or redeemed by other users.